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FIFA 16 FUT Transfer Market Tips Guide


2016/6/2 15:41:41   

During the summer and winter period EA releases new player cards from players who moved to a new club. Those player cards are really popular and valuable.

When a player moves to a new club, a new player card will be released in FUT 16 as well. This is called a Transferred Player Card. Obviously the tranferred cards are worth a lot more than the old cards. When buying a player its important to check which card you buy (old or new club).

Play the offline draft in FUT 16 to earn Tradable items. Many FUT players dont know this but playing the offline draft is a good way to get good packs and earn coins. Just like the online draft youll have to use FIFA points or 15.000 FIFA coins.

Select your difficulty and play. Its important to select a difficulty which guarantees you to reach the final. Winning or losing the final will give you the best packs. Most of the times the packs you get have a value around 25.000 to 35.000 thousand coins. And the items you receive are all tradable. So when pulling a good players or pulling some good items youre on guaranteed profit.

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