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Five ways to buy wow gold cheap and safely online


2012/5/18 10:36:43   

As we all know, Wow is certainly one of the largest Massive Multiplayer Online Role playing game in the world of the game industry. All wow players may have the same feelings that you simply cant enjoy the game without wow gold. Farming gold by players themselves is a very difficult thing that can hardly be achieved. Thats why wow gold transaction become hotter and hotter in the internet. There are thousands of wow gold sellers online . Finding out where you can buy wow gold is easy and populer enough these days. But Which site is reliable, especially for these people who didt buy Wow gold before. It is really a difficult thing for you to choose which site. There are so many scams online. So I would like to show some experience of buying wow gold on line to you and I hope it will be useful to you.

If you have made up your mind to buy wow gold from online site now, you should pay attention to the following points:

1.check the WoW Gold Online Store History, and to see if this site has a good reputation: Use some time machine to check how long the website has been existed. Try to click some history pages to see if the website is originally in the same business. Because you never buy wow gold from this websit,so you should consider other players comments. Some players would say the bigger the company is,the safer buying wow gold is.In fact, it is true.

2. The Payment Of Wow Gold Store, please keep in mind when you select your choices, safety is the most important factor to consider : You should check is that whether they got a good fedback from wow gold buyers or not, and then to check whether they accept payment by paypal, moneybook and so on.To use paypal or other payment, you will not worry about spending your moneny in vain. If a wow gold selling website has no these kinds of payment, pass it, dont consider them. I recommend that you pay for it using your credit card and Paypal, because it gives you two layers of protection. So you should never share the sensitive information(such as credit cards and CVV numbers)with them. There are so many scam websites appeared in 2010. Last, the first time you should only order very small quantity to test the sites security. I fully recommend igamei.com to all WoW players.

3. Compare their prices & Services: We should make sure that we will get the cheapest wow gold and the fastest speed. Using the internet to compare prices of wow gold is an easy way that can be done in a matter of minutes. We should compare many websites and choose the cheaper one. Some sites may deliver for you just in 10 mins but some sites may need several hours or several days, sometimes even several weeks. So we should make sure whether they have enough stocks. In the case of finding the cheapest wow gold, quality should be measured too.There are many aspects which you should pay attention to. I hope this guide will be helpful to you.

4. Another thing to look for is refund policy: Some reliable websites will promise to refund the buyers if their accounts get banned. They will also choose the safest delivery way: face-to-face. We can also check the reliability of this site to see whether they update their site information, and often supply their customer with useful tips.These information show you that this website is running and responsible to their customers. So read reviews & feedbacks carefully.

5.Dont fully trust the top results from Googles search compositor: Now this is hot Time of gold transaction during lastest years, in the top of search result, they got too many order to delivery , and you cannt got the gold on time, and their service is too bad. 80% of the websites that you will find in the first pages are BS. They are abusing Google weakness and exploiting it to be visible. If you trust that Google will help you totally, you are out of your mind.My friend says I have waited for 2days, but no gold still, i cannt find somebody to help me , so please attention to this.

Learn these I am sure that you will have no problem to get safe and reliable gold to win victory in the game. To share you one more information, if you dont want to waste all day to farm just for a little WoW gold, you can buy wow gold cheap now. As many years experience of buying wow gold, I (as a fellow WoW player) already found it for you. my friends and I have used this site for several years and its well worth the money and I highly recommend it here to check it out: www.igamei.com. www.igamei.com is a good website, good reputation and best service,as well as fast delivery time and cheap wow gold .I like it very much. So now shareing my experience is also my pleasure. I think you can have a try.


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